Personal Brand

Target group

Managers, top managers and company owners

This program is meant for those who want to make use of their talents to further their careers and advance within their company, as well as those who want to make their company publicly visible in a unique way that sets them apart from the competition. Only a completely authentic manager can present himself well and get ahead. 

The first step is to know his strengths. Then he must “sell” his strengths while working on his weaknesses. These topics are the main focus of this two-day program.

Objectives and Benefits

To help attendees define their unique personal style, which will allow them to stand out among colleagues, or to make every presentation of their company's services or products shine among its competition. It will help them build their personal brand, which they can use to present themselves to the world. In this project, we will explore the power of archetypes, which multinational corporations use to build strong brands. 



My strengths and advantages

  • My personal talents and strengths
  • The power of archetypes
  • Personal image, your brand identity
  • Weaknesses, bad habits and working with them

How to “sell” my strengths

  • The secret of captivating messages
  • Emotions and human emotional needs
  • Personal goal
  • Preparing and telling your story

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