How it works

We partner with you to meet all of your training requirements.  From experienced lecturers and unique trainings to assistance with accommodation, we offer a comprehensive training program.


Training tailored to your needs


We offer training tailored to your needs. We follow your requirements and specifications, e.g., adjusting number of participants or accommodating requests for individual training. Also, we can create a long-term development plan with you.


Selecting a date that suits you


We work with you to select a timeline that suits you. We can offer flexible scheduling for select programs: 1 day + 1 day (later date). You can work with us to develop your follow-up plan.


We give you valuable experience and information


We give you valuable experience and information. Our training & development services offer an excellent price/performance ratio. We have only very experienced lecturers from Prague & surrounding area.


Arrangement of ground logistics and local accommodation


We can arrange ground logistics and local accommodation. We can assist with car service/taxi and hotel reservations.


We can provide a pre/post training program


We can provide a pre/post training program. We can coordinate a welcome reception/dinner. Also, we can arrange sightseeing and other cultural events in the beautiful tourist center of Prague.

We will prepare training right for you

If you have questions, please send them via this contact form. Usual response time is 2 business days.