About us

The ITCP is a division of Liška Solutions, a training and development company established over 10 years ago in Prague which delivers programs to clients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For further information (in Czech), please visit the Liška Solutions site.

Why did we establish the ITC Prag?

  • To offer existing clients further development of training solutions in English
  • To partner with new clients who have a specific need for innovative professional trainings in English
  • Our trainings are designed for regional and country directors, managers/heads of departments, salespeople, as well as other business executives.

Our lecturers

Our lecturers are communication experts, experienced in personal and professional coaching, who have also held business management positions in diverse industries.


Has worked independently as a consultant, coach and trainer for 8 years

Specialization: Human behavior, Certified in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and Accelerated Learning

Other relevant experience: background in IT telecommunication; gained experience in sales, finance, marketing, travel and hospitality in the United States; held the position of senior consultant at a Swiss-based training and consulting company from 2004-2007


Has worked as an independent coach and lecturer since 2000

Specialization: coaching and individual personal development based on a systemic approach, as well as specific group development related to transitional corporate situations (crisis handling and communication)

Other relevant experience: runs her own psychotherapy practice


Has 3 years of coaching experience and has worked as a full-time trainer since 2014

Specialization: time management, project management, leadership, and team coaching

Other relevant experience: long-term experience in marketing, trade management and operational management in international companies, including leading a team located in 4 different European countries


Has been a consultant for over 15 years

Specialization: change management and project management

Other relevant experience: senior management positions in international companies in the areas of sales of technological products, insurance and finance; change manager in Czech telecommunications companies; teaching in MBA program


Has been an independent coach, consultant and lecturer/trainer for 6 years

Specialization: private coaching and presentation skills training

Other relevant experience: 12 years business management experience in a global market research company and Czech training and coaching company


Has been a trainer and coach for over 10 years.

Specialization: consulting and coaching on development of managerial skills (change, strategic and time management); systemic, narrative psychotherapy; horsemanship training

Other relevant experience: has a background in human resources management

Our Training Facilities

We partner locally with the four-star Hotel International Prague, a national landmark with a superb conference center.  It is located in the Prague-Dejvice zone, very near to Václav Havel Airport and with excellent public transportation options. For further information, please see link here below:  www.internationalprague.cz/en

What skills can you improve with us?

If you have questions, please send them via this contact form. Usual response time is 2 business days.