Accessing Creativity to Reach Solutions

Target Group

The course is designed for managers of all levels and for experts in various fields – for all those who need simple and useful tools to support their creativity, generate new ideas and create new things.

Objectives and Benefits

The aim of this program is to offer a new perspective on creativity, and its principles and sources.  What supports creativity and what blocks it?  Why do we experience the state of mind in which “the ideas just flow” and conversely, situations when our “inner dreamer falls asleep?”  How can we influence that?  What can we do to take control over it?

During the program we will introduce and practice various effective techniques to reach creative solutions – for small everyday issues as well as demanding challenges.  We will learn how to run and facilitate creative sessions, both individual and in teams. 



Creative environment

  • What is creativity
  • Conditions of creativity
  • Creative techniques

Advanced creative techniques

  • Creative games
  • Analyze to create
  • Creative coaching

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