Breakthrough Experience: Leadership on a New Level

Target Group

A unique program for managers and leaders of all levels who seek a deeper understanding of leading in congruence with their highest values, as well as those of their employees, and how this very positively impacts the possibilities of their direction.


Challenges can involve a block in taking your professional success to a new level, and you get the tools at the Breakthrough Experience to transform whatever you perceive as “in the way” into getting you “on the way,” so you can develop your true potential, empower all areas of your life and achieve even more than you thought possible.

Whenever we are leading, governing, managing or delegating to our employees it is wise to know and communicate in their highest values. Every decision our employees make is based upon what they perceive will give them the greatest advantage over disadvantage and greatest reward over risk in fulfilling their highest values.

Leadership: influencing society

The hierarchy of values plays an important role in the development of social influence, power and degree of leadership. Our highest values underlie every aspect of our social communications and relations.

When we live in accordance with our highest values, we as leaders generally will:

      1.  Set more meaningful and inspiring goals and/or objectives which we achieve

      2.  Have greater and clearer inner mission, vision

      3.  Have greater discipline, reliability and focus

      4.  Wake up our natural born leader

      5.  Handle change, misunderstanding and conflicts with more resilience

Objectives and Benefits

To identify one’s own values and the connection of values to their leadership development. The leader will be able to identify his or her own values and the values of those he or she leads, creating stronger commitment, thereby resulting in more definitive and sustainable leadership.


Program is personalized according to client's needs, including duration.

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