Breakthrough Experience: Negotiating a New Way

Target Group

The program is designed for anyone who wants to negotiate more efficiently and according to their customers’ values in order to achieve desired outcomes of negotiations.


Challenges can involve a block in taking your professional success to a new level, and you get the tools at the Breakthrough Experience to transform whatever you perceive as “in the way” into getting you “on the way.”  Then you can develop your true potential, empower all areas of your life and achieve even more than you thought possible. 

Negotiating according to a customer’s (negotiator’s) highest values: Whenever we negotiate in business it is wise to strive for a win-win outcome among all parties concerned in order to create a lasting relationship. Win-Win relationships are obtained and sustained by taking into consideration all parties’ highest values and attempting to fulfill their values or needs. People are primarily committed to the fulfillment of their highest values and possibly their company’s highest priorities.

Objectives and Benefits

With this course, participants realize the importance of their values and the values of others, and how they apply to negotiations.  Participants will become more familiar with the psychological aspects of argumentation and will acquire or strengthen techniques that lead to desired outcomes of negotiations.  Furthermore, they will be able to increase the possibility of lasting relationships beyond negotiations.


Program is personalized according to client’s needs, including duration.

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