Effective Negotiation

Target Group

The program is designed for managers and specialists who often come to a negotiating situation with external or internal customers and want to negotiate more efficiently, thereby increasing their chances of achieving objectives in the negotiations.

Objectives and Benefits

 With this course, participants can realize their main strength and further develop core strong points to enforce views, goals and plans. Participants will become familiar with the psychological aspects of argumentation and will acquire certain habits that lead to the achievement of their goals entering into negotiations. They will also discover where they have hidden internal energy and strength to promote their views, goals and plans.




  • Preparing for negotiation and communication
  • Typology of the opponent and my personal assumptions
  • The process of negotiation, negotiation phases
  • The partnership approach to the negotiation, win-win strategy
  • Manipulation and how to avoid it, suitable habits for negotiation

Argumentation and self-promotion

  • Resisting pressure, assertive techniques to solve difficult situations
  • Argumentation as a part of life
  • Convincing argumentation, successful negotiations
  • Self-promotion
  • Communication and relationship games – their impact on my success

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