Everyday Leadership

Target Group

Managers of all levels, team leaders – anyone who leads someone, both in business and in a non-business setting

Objectives and Benefits

Who can, without hesitation, call themselves a leader? – “Yes, I am a leader.”

Who can, with confidence and ease, declare leadership as one of their abilities, or perhaps even traits? – “Yes, I have leadership qualities.”

It is strange – while the word leadership is said often, most of us do not feel very comfortable to connect it with ourselves. It sounds arrogant, pretentious, as if we made leadership something bigger than us. Leadership is about brilliant, dazzling visions. A leader is a person of superhuman qualities, capable of changing the world. Or at least a country. Or perhaps a company. If we work hard on ourselves, someday, maybe, we will get a little closer to leadership. But what if leadership is something much more natural, something we experience, but do not perceive? What if each of us has moments in life when we are leaders? What if those moments happen every day, and we – because leadership is something we deem so special – overlook or devalue these daily miracles, the daily leadership? 

The aim of this program is:

  • to gain a new perspective of leadership as something natural (innate) and open to each of us
  • to learn to perceive, value and support leadership in everyday life
  • to understand what everyday leadership is based on – our capabilities and characteristics, its essence
  • to discover the everyday leader in ourselves and the people around us


Everyday leadership
  • Leadership
  • Everyday leadership
  • Self-awareness
Everyday leadership in organizations
  • Leadership models for organizations
  • Everyday leadership in organizations
  • Practical workshop

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