Executive Coaching: Coaching Through Transition and Change, or Difficult Personal and Professional Situations

Target Group

Top management

Objectives and Benefits

Being a member of the top management of a company means prestige and responsibility, but also loneliness and often intense competition. Current sociological surveys show that majority of top executives don´t have the opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns. The possibility to discuss possible solutions to issues, and their advantages and disadvantages, leads to a greater likelihood of success and reduces the stress level of those executives.

Executive Coaching for Difficult Situations involves a senior coach who combines three key proficiencies:

  • Counselling experience in multiple areas of change management in companies (mergers and acquisitions;     design and implementation of people management systems; downsizing and closure of companies; and       company transfers),
  • Leading projects and training courses focused on communication and implementation of unpopular changes
  • Tackling the popular corporate climate of today in which the majority of top executives don´t have the opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns

The coach has a triple role:

       1.  consultant with his own critical view;

       2.  coach who accompanies the client on his own journey to the best ideas and solutions

       3.  psychologist who actively addresses the client's personal well-being and stress level and may recommend    

           the best type of communication strategy when putting in place unpopular measures, or overseeing difficult 


The major benefits:

  • Nobody knows the coach – her job is to be efficient, but invisible, while you succeed and gain recognition
  •  You have an objective listener and guide with whom to discuss your concerns; no more worrying any of your team or bringing your stress from work home
  • If you’re an expatriate, you gain an ally in someone who has experience with the local market and fully understands the Czech business mentality and also speaks your language


Program is personalized according to client's needs, including duration and frequency.

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