Leadership Academy

Target Group

Management – top to middle. Reasonable homogeneity recommended.

Objectives and Benefits

Leadership: a trendy word used in all kinds of contexts, sometimes so popular that it almost seems inappropriate 

or insufficient to be “just” a manager, perhaps almost obsolete. It seems the only possible way to lead people and companies is through leadership.  At the same time, the constant use – and misuse – of the word has made the meaning of “leadership” seem worn out.

What is leadership really? Is it any good? Should I be a leader or a manager? Who is more important, who is better? What is more functional – leadership or management? In Leadership Academy, we will seek to answer these and other questions together. Leadership is something we must awaken in ourselves.

The aim of this program is:

  • to clarify the meaning and importance of leadership as a practical skill
  • to determine what features and capabilities are connected with leadership and how we can strengthen them
  • to learn to balance a managerial and leadership approach in everyday work and life
  • to deepen self-knowledge and create or support our own leadership style
  • to strengthen our certainty and efficiency in the management of people, teams, businesses, etc.
  • to learn to cultivate long-term leadership 


Module 1 (2 days)

Nature of leadership

  • Nature of leadership
  • Self-awareness I
  • Development workshop I
Module 2 (2 days)

Practical leadership

  • Manager and leader – two essential roles
  • Self-awareness II
  • Practical Workshop II

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