Mentoring is the concept of career development that involves the transfer of experience between the mentor and his younger colleague.  The mentor shares his experience and contacts, while the younger "mentored" one observes, performs minor tasks, and above all, learns. The scope of cooperation is not fixed, but depends on a mutual agreement between the mentor and mentored one for the duration of the cooperation.  It is a voluntary activity between the mentor and mentored one.

Objectives and Benefits

The objective of the program is to teach managers the basics of mentoring, to explain specifically what the procedure involves and how it differs from other approaches. In the course we will jointly create an approach that is applicable to the working conditions of the client.


  • The difference between mentoring and coaching
  • Forms and important aspects of mentoring

The process of mentoring and relationship phase

  • Preparation
  • List of topics
  • Setting goals
  • Concretization
  • Action
  • Evaluation

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