Mind Mapping

Target Group

For everyone who wants to learn a new way of sorting ideas for easier preparation and learning, and higher efficiency and development of a creative way of thinking; suitable for both life and work challenges.

Objectives and benefits

The aim of this program is to familiarize participants with the principles of mind mapping, a simple technique to facilitate training and learning; improve efficiency; and develop a creative way of thinking.  Mind maps lead to positive results which are directly proportional to our work with them. This method allows one to think about every situation from different perspectives and facilitates decision making, organizing one’s own and others’ ideas, as well as new ideas – individually, or in a group.  One is able to analyze a situation; identify and solve problems; set tasks and deadlines; and also improve memory and communication skills.

Participants learn what principles of the mind maps creation must be adhered to and will create their own mind maps.



Principles, creation and utilization of mind maps

  • Introduction to mind mapping
  • Tools for mind mapping
  • Fields of use
  • Own mind maps

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