Natural Leadership with Horsemanship Methodology

Interaction with a horse can help you realize your natural leadership style and the strengths and weaknesses of that style. It can strengthen awareness of your natural abilities. It provides insights into possibilities for self-development.

This is a technique which involves working with the horse from the ground. You will not ride the horse.

This program combines classic "indoor" seminars with practical training in the arena. Under the guidance of a horse trainer, you will work on your own with the horse. Together, the lecturer and horse trainer will direct and facilitate analysis of your behavior.


  • Which factors affect the quality of a leader and thereby impact his or her natural authority.
  • What the role of communication is in leadership and which communication methods will achieve optimal results.
  • How to influence different types of people to achieve the reaction you want.
  • The psychology of group behavior and how groups respond.
  • How to influence others so that they will follow you.


  • To demonstrate the role of leadership in organizations and to show the benefits of leadership on managerial and organizational performance
  • To look at leadership as a life philosophy and at the style of communication we use with other people
  • To build your personal responsibility, to strengthen your access to yourself and to others, and to your professional life
  • To develop the skills needed to hold leadership roles
  • To identify your current leadership style
  • To create awareness of what is required to be an effective leader

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