Presentation Skills Follow-Up/ Individual Consultation

Our experience suggests that after an initial presentation skills training, participants often find it useful to be supported in implementing their newly gained skills.

They most often need to:

1)  consult with the program trainer on some of their new presentations – to get feedback or recommendations                regarding further adjustments.

2)  individually work on diminishing the stage fright and anxiety they experience in relation to public speaking.

Presentation consulting

Former attendees of the program start approaching presentations in a different way and often say they would welcome some feedback for their newly created material, especially if it involves a presentation that will be used long-term, or distributed among a number of colleagues or clients (typically a new presentation for use by sales representatives). Other examples include presentations at international conferences, where the presenter represents the whole company. 

Individual coaching/ mentoring

During the program, some attendees express frustration with the fact that despite many years of experience in the field, they often feel very nervous before and during their own presentations due to stage-fright. This concerns even the most senior managers. They often see this to be a great handicap, because they can't convey their thoughts to their audience with as much ease as they would like. 

They often subject themselves to self-sabotage, or are convinced of things we cannot focus on individually during the initial training. This self-sabotage can often be alleviated, or eliminated, by attending an individual coaching or mentoring session

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