Presentations in English

Target Group

This training will inspire managers, sales representatives, product specialists - everyone who needs to present in English - and persuade others to see their point of view, to explain something well, or to call them to action in a language that is non-native.

Objectives and Benefits

The goal of the program is to show how to create presentations which have a much greater potential to engage their audience. The first day of the program is focused on creating your presentation – crafting your main message and converting your ideas into understandable, captivating slides and accompanying speech in English. We will show how to make information easier to understand and create a story that will make an impression on your audience. The second day of the program focuses on how to convey the message of your newly created material to your audience, how best to interact with them and handle unforeseen situations.

The goal is to learn how to find a new approach and elevate your presentations in English. The whole program is very hands-on; it is structured in a way that makes the attendees immediately turn their newly gained knowledge into practice. During the two days the attendees will create their own short presentations and subsequently present them to the whole group. They will get feedback on their performance from the perspective of structure, as well as effective language.



Creating your presentation

  • Common presentations: what works vs. what doesn't
  • The secret of creating great presentations
  • Creating your presentation, practical demonstration, feedback

Giving your presentation

  • The secret of a convincing speech
  • Creating your presentation, practical demonstration, feedback

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