The Leader's Speech

Target Group

Top management or company owners

Objectives and Benefits

The goal of this program is to show managers and leaders how to use presentations and public speaking to inspire and motivate, or how to represent their branch or even the whole company in public. It's appropriate namely for managers with a naturally rational approach who were not born charismatic leaders. Top managers often need to motivate employees to make changes and to become enthusiastic about a particular vision. They may need to boost morale in a difficult time; unleash employees‘ potential; and persuade them to work more or better in order to achieve company goals. They also often represent their company to colleagues or investors abroad, or the public.

This program provides its attendees with useful practical tips on how to captivate their audience. They will see concrete examples of how to approach their presentations  differently, taking them to a whole new level. Including samples of speeches done well, the whole program is very hands-on, structured in a way that allows its attendees to immediately practice new knowledge. They create and present their own short presentations, allowing everyone to get individual performance feedback.

Due to the fact that many top managers find it difficult to be absent two weekdays in a row, this program is envisioned as two one-day events. The second part of the program can take place up to several weeks after the first. Should the program take the form of an open course, it can offer attendees the option of attending without their colleagues, which can enable them to feel more at ease, as well as connect with people in similar positions in different companies.  



Creating your presentation

  • Common presentations and their pitfalls
  • The secret of creating great presentations
  • Creating your presentation, practical demonstration, feedback

Giving your presentation

  • The secret of a convincing speech
  • Creating your presentation, practical demonstration, feedback

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