Time Management

Target Group

A basic time management course for employees in various positions within a company who would like to achieve a balance between work and personal life, but are not always entirely successful with it

Objectives and Benefits

Participants will gain basic insight into scheduling and learning to work with planning tools. They will learn to distinguish between priorities and objectives, and decide which activities are really important during the work day and in life in general. Emphasis is also placed on maintaining the right balance between private and professional life, which is a prerequisite for achieving satisfaction in both areas.


DAY 1 - Time management
  • Planning time - the basics
  • Basic psychological aspects of planning - self- awareness
  • Different approaches to scheduling and use of planning tools
  • Assessment of the current situation - the daily balance
  • Procrastination
DAY 2 - Priority objective
  • Priority vs. goal - leadership principles
  • Time and rhythm - gaining control over resources and time supplies
  • The balance in work and non-work activities
  • Time management and stress
  • Emotions and their influence on planning
  • Planning tools and how to put time planning into practice

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