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The Prague International Training Center offers original workshops and trainings tailored specifically to clients’ needs in professional skills improvement. We emphasize practical benefits and immediate transfer of new information into practice. We offer programs for salesmen, middle management, as well as leaders. The topics of our soft skills trainings, listed below, are purely informative. We always tailor the structure of our trainings in cooperation with our clients in order to customize the content to fit their needs. We offer programs which train interpersonal skills, leadership and management, or other professional business skills. Our specialty is the Natural Leadership with Horsemanship methodology, which puts the attendee in direct contact with horses.

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Working Remotely

Participants will gain insight into working remotely with a high efficiency level. The training builds upon attendees’ skills of communication, as well as knowledge of efficiently using teleconferences and other technology.

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Time Management

Participants will gain basic insight into scheduling and learning to work with planning tools.

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Accessing Creativity to Reach Solutions

The course is designed for managers of all levels and for experts in various fields – for all those who need simple and useful tools to support their creativity, generate new ideas and create new things.

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Presentations in English

The goal of the program is to show how to create presentations which have a much greater potential to engage their audience.

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Presentation Skills Follow-Up/ Individual Consultation

Our experience suggests that recent attendees of the Presentations in English program often find it useful to be supported in implementing their newly gained skills.

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Everyday Leadership

Who can, without hesitation, call themselves a leader? – “Yes, I am a leader.” Who can, with confidence and ease, declare leadership as one of their abilities, or perhaps even traits? – “Yes, I have leadership qualities.”

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The Leader's Speech

The goal of this program is to show managers and leaders how to use presentations and public speaking to inspire and motivate, or how to represent their branch or even the whole company in public. It's appropriate namely for managers with a naturally rational approach who were not born charismatic leaders.

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Leadership Academy

Leadership: a trendy word used in all kinds of contexts, sometimes so popular that it almost seems inappropriate or insufficient to be “just” a manager, perhaps almost obsolete. It seems the only possible way to lead people and companies is through leadership.

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Mind Mapping

For everyone who wants to learn a new way of sorting ideas for easier preparation and learning, and higher efficiency and development of a creative way of thinking; suitable for both life and work challenges.

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Natural Leadership with Horsemanship Methodology

Interaction with a horse can help you realize your natural leadership style and the strengths and weaknesses of that style. It can strengthen awareness of your natural abilities. It provides insights into possibilities for self-development.

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