Horses for courses that gee up working relationships

What if someone told you that spending a day or two with a horse can inform you about how you work with colleagues or clients, or manage a team or company?

This article, published in the Financial Times,  takes a closer look at equine-assisted guided learning, offered by ITCP/Liška Solutions as the training Natural Leadership with Horsemanship.  The training brings together business executives and horses (with professional horse trainers) to allow leaders to learn skills that are not necessarily taught in the workplace. These are skills, such as respect, that are essential to successfully leading people.  

The exercises in the training promote self-development and provide immediate feedback to participants regarding their abilities and areas of improvement in relationships.  

Liška Solutions introduced leadership training with horsemanship in the Czech Republic.  We have successfully executed trainings for medium and large companies for varying levels of management.   

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Source: “Horses for Courses That Gee Up Working Relationships”

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