Our trainings

The Prague International Training Center offers original workshops and trainings tailored specifically to clients’ needs in professional skills improvement. We emphasize practical benefits and immediate transfer of new information into practice. We offer programs for salesmen, middle management, as well as leaders. The topics of our soft skills trainings, listed below, are purely informative. We always tailor the structure of our trainings in cooperation with our clients in order to customize the content to fit their needs. We offer programs which train interpersonal skills, leadership and management, or other professional business skills. Our specialty is the Natural Leadership with Horsemanship methodology, which puts the attendee in direct contact with horses.

Current open workshop: Powerful Speech - more information.


Your Voice in a Corporation

The objective of the course is to identify one’s potential internal energy to promote views, goals and plans within a large company.

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Breakthrough Experience: Leadership on a New Level

The goal of this program is to identify one's own values and the connection of values to their leadership development.

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Breakthrough Experience: Negotiating a New Way

With this course, participants realize the importance of their values and the values of others, and how they apply to negotiations. They will be able to increase the possibility of lasting relationships beyond negotiations.

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Executive Coaching: Coaching Through Transition and Change, or Difficult Personal and Professional Situations

The possibility to discuss possible solutions to issues, and their advantages and disadvantages, leads to a greater likelihood of success and reduces the stress level of senior managers.

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