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The Prague International Training Center offers original workshops and trainings tailored specifically to clients’ needs in professional skills improvement. We emphasize practical benefits and immediate transfer of new information into practice. We offer programs for salesmen, middle management, as well as leaders. The topics of our soft skills trainings, listed below, are purely informative. We always tailor the structure of our trainings in cooperation with our clients in order to customize the content to fit their needs. We offer programs which train interpersonal skills, leadership and management, or other professional business skills. Our specialty is the Natural Leadership with Horsemanship methodology, which puts the attendee in direct contact with horses.

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Personal Brand

This program is meant for those who want to make use of their talents to further their careers and advance within their company, as well as those who want to make their company publicly visible in a unique way that sets them apart from the competition. Only a completely authentic manager can present himself well and get ahead.

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Project Management (for Non-Project Managers)

Designed for senior executives who need to deepen their knowledge of project management

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Participants will learn how to find an optimal communication style in which they will not be passive, aggressive or manipulative, and instead more transparent in their communication.

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Communication with Clients

This training focuses on increasing self-esteem and success in dealing with internal and external clients or colleagues.

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Effective Authority in a Large Company

The course emphasizes mostly the aspect of power and its proper use.

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Effective Negotiation

With this course, participants can realize their main strength and further develop core strong points to enforce views, goals and plans.

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Managing for High Performance

The objective of the program is to explore the most common managerial styles from real work situations that participants face and learn what the most effective style is for guiding one’s team to optimum performance.

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Manipulation and Relational Games

The aim of the program is to understand the principles of relational games and manipulation; to realize the different aspects of our personalities in relation to manipulation; and to learn to proactively handle manipulation and its associated games.

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The objective of the program is to teach managers the basics of mentoring, to explain specifically what the procedure involves and how it differs from other approaches.

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Self-Leadership: Define Yourself

The aim is to identify one’s own potential and recognize self-perception in a professional role; to understand limits, which are defined by self-perception.

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